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SPA Center

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No matter why you’re away from home you need and you deserve to relax. We’re waiting you in Belvedere SPA Center and being our guest assures you special rates.
What can be more apropriate for an afternoon „with the girls”? Between a steambath and a sauna session you can relax while having a cup of coffee and a good chat.

The dry sauna has a history of at least 1000 years because of its benefits that are well aknowledged. Besides the physyc and mental relaxation brought to you by this experience, your pors will be dilated and profoundly cleaned and the toxines from your body will be eliminated by sweat.

For a complete relaxing experience we earge you to try the aromasauna. Using lower temperatures than the classic sauna, aromasauna will enhance all your sences.

Jacuzzi is the ultimate water masaj. What more can we say than  that we’re waiting for you to let yourself spoiled by the water.

Fantesy showers combine aromatherapy with chromotherapy and the viguros water masaj. The relaxing effect is combined with the therapeutical one. The fantesy shower has more than one predefined programes with relaxing ambiance sound and light games which will encrease your relaxing experience.

The steam bath has a lower temperature than the sauna so the time spent in the hammam can be longer allowing the organism to sweat more, the toxines being there for eliminated. It can be better handled by begginers and also by those with low blood pressure. Even those with problematic blood circulation can enjoy the hot/cold passings and can benefit from the steam bath. An interesting fact: while entering sauna is highly riscky for those saufering from the flu or having a cold, one entrance in the steam bath can do wonders for those with respiratory problems.

Tips of the day:
-    During the sauna you should drink at least one litre of water. This way you will sweat more and you will eliminate more toxines. We recomand glass botles so the water temperature will be mantained longer. You should avoid plastic botles because they get hot easily.
-    You watch, jewels, glasse and eye contacts must be left outside. The only thing you will need is a towel.
-    Tha sauna and the steam bath are absolutely forbiden for those with: pace-maker, heart failure, tuberculosis or epilepsy. Also, you must not enter in the sauna or the steam bath while having a skin infection or opened wounds, being drunk, on an empty stomach or just after eating.
-    The sessions should be 8 to 12 minutes long but it is all up to you. It’s not about who can stay longer in the sauna. It should be pure pleasure and if you feel any discomfort you should step out immediately.
-    In the jacuzzi the the chlorine concentration is 3 times bigger than in a swimming pool (according to UE standards) so you should avoid wearing very colourfull swimming suites if you dont want them to lose their colour.